Wednesday, November 26, 2008


WELCOME TO ALEECESATTIC. This is my first post and my first try at blogging. So bear with me. I have read many blogs and love looking at others blogs but never had the courage to start my own. Well today was the day and here I am.

WOW!!! That is all that I can say about today. I can say that I can cross two big things off of a really long list of things that I needed to do. A few days ago I applied to become a vendor in the online Lollishops and was accepted to open a shop that will open on Friday, and I started this blog. I am so excited. I will open my store on the Lollishop as Nightowl Studio and I have an Etsy store called aleecesattic. I will try to put some links on soon, as soon as figure everything out.

So, for this evening, I must work on painting a glass block, having several things ready to ship for Friday morning, and fix several things for Thanksgiving dinner.

By the way.......these are the things that I am thankful for in general, my wonderful husband, my kids, turkey, Thanksgiving with our family, craftiness, basketball, shopping and a good life.