Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Another Tuesday

These pictures are from two weekends ago when my son Blake was in the play Oklahoma. He had a blast being in a musical, which he thought that over for a while before he committed to singing. The first picture is his really good friend David Shimkis. Blake is right behind him.

Blake as a cowboy.
Ethan in his gown.
Ethan and Blake

Ethan, Jake, Christian, and John
This past weekend was my son Ethan's confirmation. Here are a few photo shots: The first shot is him. The second shot is his big (Little) brother, and then the third shot is his three best friends in the whole world.

Last night I attended the ShowMeEtsy Street Team meeting at Crestwood Plaza in St. Louis. This is a group of artists that all live in the St. Louis area and have stores on Etsy and have lots of different venues for selling their arts and crafts in the St. Louis area. They host several events throughout the year as a group. I am really excited to join the group. The meeting was really fun.

Well I have taken a ton of pictures to add stuff to my Etsy shop so I need to get busy.