Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lets Get Back Into the Blogging Mojo

I have been totally out of the blogging scene. I really like to blog, but I never make the time. I am going to try harder and post a little bit more often.

Today was a fun day at our house because we adopted a new dog named "PEANUT". He is a three year old Italian Greyhound. Just a little 9 pound boy. He is the sweetest boy ever. He already loves everyone in our family. About 2 weeks ago my youngest son suffered heat stoke at football and was in the hospital. During his stay we promised that we would get a new dog. We had originally said that we would get a dog when dad got a job. Well we are still praying for the job, but we do have the dog. Hang in there dad. At least you have Peanut to keep you company during the day. Here is a picture of him this evening.

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