Monday, January 4, 2010


Back into the swing of, practice, basketball games and work. Except I got home from work yesterday and I was freezing cold. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was burning up with a fever. I have been on the couch all day with layers of blankets. I finally got up at about 6:00 and took a shower a felt a tad bit better. Still have a lingering headache but had to do something. I can not stand to be doing nothing for long.

I came across a cool free download on the House of 3 website about your "2010 Top Ten". It is about writing down some goals for yourself for the year. They also have a webcast on Wednesday evening with Heidi Swapp that I think will be really interesting. It is usually recorded if you miss it and can then watch the recording. Here is a picture of the download:
I think the webcast is a beginning of a series to go with this goal thing. Well it is time for me to rest again.

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Shannon said...

Hope you are feeling better. Sorry again for last night...I didn't mean to come off rude to you.

I saw the things you made with the Big Shot Pro tonight-they turned out SO cute!!!