Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just a little house scrapbook that I saw in a magazine and I new that we had the chipboard books at the store so I could easily cut the paper to fit to book so the mini book went really fast. The pictures that we had taken were done in April of 2009. This is the kind of scrapbooking that I really love. I do make pages, but I love small project oriented things using lots of different materials and mediums. I really want to try and do more of my own projects this year. I want to try to get some pages done. I am working on doing more blog posts.

Tonight we were at Ethan's basketball game and Blake stayed home because he stayed home from school today sick. Ethan has a really busy schedule with basketball games this entire month. Blake is playing basketball on a team that he started through a Lutheran Church league that he kind of put together and his dad is coaching. He plays on Sunday afternoons.

I am looking forward to this weekend of scrapbooking with the girls from work on Friday evening and Saturday. We were going to have our Christmas party and that is now going to be changed to a different date. Maybe I can finish my Journal My Christmas for December. That would be a great idea for the weekend. Lots to do....... pack up my stuff, pictures to be developed, plans for the family.

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