Friday, January 1, 2010

A NEW YEAR,,,,,,,,, LETS BLOG AGAIN.......

Hello my name is Aleece. I use to blog and then it seems that I fell off of this earth. Well I am back and I have resolved to blog again. I have been busy with work and stuff but I am going to blog, work on my Etsy shop, get back to my Show Me Etsy Group. I read a friend of mine from work, her name is Shannon and her blog is wonderful. She takes great photos and she inspired me to get back to doing this again. She has a wonderful family and writes about them almost everyday. Then at the end of the year she has her blog printed out into a book. What a great way to remember and save her family memories. Its just like having a great big family scrapbook with pictures and journaling. That is my inspiration for this year. Shannon has also lost 50 pounds this year and that is also my inspiration to lose some weight and start doing a little bit of working out at the YMCA.

The two pictures that I put in my blog are from a wonderful trip that I was asked to go to Utah with my boss Ann and Lori a great friend that I made on the trip. We went to an American Crafts and Quickutz Seminar for 3 days. We were in Utah for a total of eight days. It was so much fun. I met Mary Checketts from American crafts who is in the picture with Ann and that is here parents ranch in the second picture where we stayed. The entire trip was wonderful. I will do a later post with some pictures and a story as this post is rather lengthy.

Everybody is just laying around the house today after staying up really late last night. Ethan went to a party in Hamel at a friends house, Blake had a bunch of his friends over here, so we were the parents in charge and stayed up late with them. Me and Karl watched Julie and Julia and I started a new mini scrapbook possibly for a upcoming class at the Scrapbook Factory. I love working at the Scrapbook Factory. I really never thought that I would like going back to work so much, but I really do. I was working only a few hours each week at first and then in October Karl lost his job with Wyeth. I have been working as many has as possible since then. It has been a change for me, but I really enjoy working. I love teaching classes as I get to use my creative talents that God as bestowed upon me and lets me show them to others. Hopefully in the New Year God will also let Karl find a new job. I think that he is getting tired of being a house husband. He is a great house husband, but it is not what he singed up for. I head to work or work downstairs in my craft room and he does the laundry, cleans, and deals with the kids. He is now stuck at home most days without a car as we have my car and Blake's car which he takes to school. Things will look up this year. Ethan got his permit on the 29th. We look forward to lots of driving with him in the following year. He turned 15 on the 26th of December. It seems like he was just born a few years ago. Time flies. Well I need to get downstairs and finish the reorganization of my craft room. I have spent two days about forty hours re-organizing my room. It looks pretty good. I will put some pictures on tomorrow when I get finished.

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Shannon said...

I'm glad I could inspire you! I will be checking your blog now so hopefully you will be updating! ;)

I wish your husband luck in finding a job!