Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is a picture of my youngest son Ethan who is fourteen with his new favorite hat that he got for Christmas. He wears that goofy thing all the time. He will need it the next few days because it is really cold here. Oh my gosh, it is so cold here. Our kids do not even have school tomorrow because of the forecast of cold temperatures. My oldest son's school did not call off school as it is a private high school and they do not have buses , so they will have school. He was not very happy that his little brother will be able to sleep in and he has to go to school. I told him to think about this spring when they have the school days to make up and you will be getting out of school earlier than they will. I can't believe that my first born son Blake will get his drivers license in May. What a

milestone for a boy to turn sixteen. I am excited also as he is going to get my car, and I am going to get a new car.
I also have two older grown step sons that are twenty six and twenty four. They do not live at home any more. They are on their own. These two younger boys still keep me busy enough. I always thought that maybe I would go back to work when they got older, but I don't won't to enter back into the work force. I love staying home and being able to be creative.
My 2009 word that I came up a little late is GIVING. I saw this saying and though it has a lot of meaning for me and it is this: You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that your truly give. I think that I will use this as my word for the year. I just fits me.
P.S. I got my person for the Valentines Swap for the Year of Color and I can't wait to contact you.

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