Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Another Friday Evening

Well I once again have not posted to my blog like I want to, but I have gotten a tiny bit better. My biggest problem is that I never take any pictures and so I rarely have anything to look at. I have really been loving my Copic markers. Just like being a kid all over again, oh wait, I don't think that I have ever really grown up. I have been making cards with some new stamps that I got. We are soon going to be getting them at the Scrapbook Factory also. I think next month, I am going to try and teach a Copic class at work so I need to practice.

I thought that earlier this week we were going to have to put our dog to sleep. She fell out of the back of our car on Sunday when we got home from my moms. She could barely walk and could not get up. She still is not real good and cannot bark or use her voice. We think she had a small stroke. I think that she has nine lives because last year at this time her back was out and we thought the same thing. She is now 12 and has been a part of our family for ten years. She and I are the only girls in the house. If she goes, I will be the only queen left. I am sure I will be the first one running off to pick out another dog, even though we said that we were not.

On Saturday, well that would be today, since it is 1:00 a.m. I have promised myself to get to the grocery store, buy some healthy food for myself and start and try to lose some weight. Me and Ann are talking about walking on Sunday before work. She started her week this week and she has done awesome. We both are so inspired by Shannon, a friend from work, at the amazing weight loss that she has achieved. We are both ready to give it a try. Maybe we can help each other.

Well I think that I may try and go to bed. My older son has about 7 or 8 friends over tonight spending the night. As of now they have been pretty quiet. Hopefully they don't get their second wind. At least I know where they are and what they are doing, even if they have ate a box of Little Debbies, a pack of oreos, a bag of Doritos, and some Skittles and at least a 12 pack of soda. 4 of the friends play in a band and they played tonight with 2 other bands. My son and his friends could not say enough about how much fun they had tonight.

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Shannon said...

Oh, look at that sweet puppy. I hope she is ok.

I'm glad I can inspire you-I think once you get started, you won't find it's all that hard. It's the getting started that sucks.