Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let It Snow..Let It Snow...Let It Snow...

Well that is what my kids have been saying all night. They were awaiting a call that school would be called off. The public school was called off today during the day and they awaited patiently. The call did not come. They stayed up late until about midnight. I said, what if you do have school, they said they would be tired. Then on channel 4 they saw Metro East Lutheran and they were screaming and jumping around like two little second graders.......amazing that they are both in high school and I let one of them drive in a car. So now tomorrow they will want to have friends over, and go sledding and want me an their dad to do things and entertain them. I kind of wish that I had to work tomorrow and did not have to deal with the many trips outside and new sets of clothes. I thought as they grew older that this would change, but it does not. It just involves many more children at your house and they have bigger, wet clothing. Oh, well it will make for some good pictures. Snow is the best for some great scrapbooking stuff. Speaking of scrapbooking stuff, I just finished a little house book that I started on New Years Eve that I saw in one of the new scrapbook magazines. It really turned out great. I will put pictures on tomorrow. My camera battery is charging right now.

Karl and I went to Sam Club and did the monthly stock up of stuff and then went to the grocery store. What a nightmare that was. Everyone was there preparing for the big storm. I wander if everyone does this in places where there is a lot of snow all of the time. Then we went to Ethans basketball game at Metro. He played really well tonight and is now starting on the "A" team. I think he is happy that he has been starting. I think he realized that he had to put a little bit of hard work into the game. Well I think that I need to go to bed since it is 1:30 a.m.


Kathy said...

Hey Aleece! I found you! Looks like you are doing well at keeping your New Year's resolution to blog more! I look forward to seeing the pictures of your scrapbook room!

aleecesattic said...

Its not that much to look at but it is amazing at how much stuff that I have. Ann said that you guys were doing a little scrapping on Sunday. I wish I could have joined you.